Case Diary Management System :


Pre-Soft Case Diary Management System (CDMS) is an online application which caters documentation of cases/complaint of an organization.


Primarily, the idea was to manage flow of cases documents and keeping record of each cases/complaint and related documents at a centralized server so that anyone with adequate rights can access them.


Number of input forms, for different departments of the CDMS, has been designed to carry out the above function for e.g. to keep track of cases/complaint, evidence Documents, there are forms like Insert, Document info and Document upload. Similarly to keep record of the functions carried out by the departments. Note sheet forms are used for coordination and transaction of notes among the Employees for cases/complaint correspondence. Tasks assigned to the employees can be viewed by task sheet form which provides in depth information about cases, where it came from, and previous correspondence on that case. Reports section will cover all their reporting needs and include reports like Composite Cases Report, Note sheet Report and list reports.



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