Hospital Information Management  System :


Pre-Soft hospital Information Management  Software provides an integrated solution that complements your hospital information management system and helps your manage and prioritize support services requests including Medical and environmental services.


By delivering full visibility and synchronization of patient rooms, tasks, equipment, and services for ideal patient throughput and hospital management, Pre-Soft provides the necessary workflow tools to maximize patient satisfaction, while at the same time improving hospital profitability.


The solution Features:


A more immediate patient record: Critical patient information becomes part of a facility's records within minutes of a patient admission, ready for immediate access by key users. Because a permanent MPI (Master Patient Index) is generated from the Patient Accounting system, it eliminates the need for time-consuming, costly duplication of records.


Intuitive organization: Easy, quick access to charts is available by name, patient account number, medical record number, Social Security number and birth date.


Helpful alerts: Patient records are monitored to ensure that all required information is complete for reporting purposes. And enhanced security and privacy options can control who has access to medical record information.


Flexible reporting: Index and activity reporting can be designed to meet your specific requirements. For example, an executive summary report can be set up to list the number of admissions, discharges, patient days, average length of stay and more.


List of modules:


Patient Management:


Financial Management:




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