Shipping Information Management System :

(Shipping System with IGM, EGM, Finance, Marketing, Booking, Loading, Transport)


Operating a shipping company has traditionally been a very paper intensive and laborious process with a significant proportion of back room processing of data. Utilizing information contained on manifests, clerks would create notices of arrival, delivery orders, shipment release documents, invoices and cash sales as well as compiling performance statistics and reports. Accounting related information is also very exhaustive with posting of transactions to the accounting system and maintenance of information for disbursement accounting. Tracking of container movements and the reconciliation of container depot statements and charges as well as the management of the container demurrage information also presents its own challenges.


The Pre-Soft SMIS is a complete integrated system providing facilities for processing of import and export consignments related to containers and conventional vessels as well as the provision of container tracking facilities and container demurrage control. All the modules included in the PS-SMIS are linked to the Finance Module, which manages the complete financial accounting operation including voyage accounting.


The PS-SMIS addresses the complete range of business processing to meet the needs of a modern shipping agency. The product is modular allowing a client to implement just those modules relevant to the nature of business tackled by their shipping company with opportunities for customization to meet the specific needs of the individual principles being handled. Following is the list of modules in the PS-SMIS along with brief detail about each of them.


List of modules :




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