The software development teams consists of highly qualified, competitive and motivated Project Managers/Leaders and Systems Analysts who are being assisted by the group of professional developers with handy expertise in all stages of software development.  Our believe is a 'Solution-Oriented' approach and close interaction with the clients. Over the years, mastering the art of software development enabled us to provide high quality products, services and solutions at competitive rates.


Our solutions are tailored to meet their needs and not vice-versa. Our approach to system development, client participation and project management, ensures the optimal use of resources, maximizes outputs and facilitates comfortable system implementation. Our team includes experienced project managers and skilled quality consultants.


The software development team of Pre-Soft has a solid track record of developing; delivering and implementing large scale projects ensuring the complete client satisfaction.



Applications Development Services :


Mergers. Acquisitions. Expansion. Changing market conditions. A simple advance in technology or change in customer preferences.


When you come down to it, any number of factors can render your current applications unsuitable for the business challenges you face.


When that happens, you need more than an application development partner who understands the technology issues at hand. You need a partner who can ensure success with an approach that gives you the best possible balance of cost, speed and quality. That's what you'll find with Pre-soft. Our approach includes.

As a pioneer in the field of information systems, Pre-Soft has helped hundred of companies develop applications to support growth and achieve their business objectives.



Applications Modernization Services :


Changing markets. Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Faster time to market. Shrinking budgets. Increased regulatory compliance. Legacy systems and processes. New technologies.


With all these challenges, how do you stay focused on growth, productivity and innovation to create shareholder value.


The simple answer: revitalize your current information technology (IT) environment so your business operates more efficiently while demonstrating the flexibility needed to adapt to a dynamic market. In a modernized infrastructure, your systems and business processes work synergistically, improving productivity while mitigating risk. You get a more responsive architecture that allows applications to evolve as your business needs change, resulting in a faster time to market and a lower cost of ownership through long-term reductions in applications maintenance costs.



Applications Outsourcing Services :


Rising application maintenance costs are outpacing your information technology (IT) budget and reducing your ability to fund your core business activities. Day-to-day operational challenges consume much of your time and attention. Your applications portfolio lacks transparency, so your ability to effectively align your applications with your business objectives is limited.


To address these issues, remain competitive and meet changing business demands, you must have the right IT model in place. And that necessitates transforming your applications management so you can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and focus on what made you successful in the first place. Pre-Soft can help make that transformation possible.


Leveraging over a decade of outsourcing experience, Pre-Soft has helped many companies in many industries to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and agility of their applications by managing them. We can realign your applications, their performance and total cost of ownership by transforming your support organization and services. As a result, you'll maximize business value and reduce maintenance costs by 15 to 40 percent. You'll achieve this through:




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